Summer Cruise – Motoring to Tribune Bay

I’m currently out on a three week trip to Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands. While, at this point, our little flotilla is making our way slowly in the direction of home, I’ve been away from reliable internet for a good part of the trip.

Rather than provide a day-by-day account of the trip – which takes a bit of work, and is probably not too exciting for the reader – I’ll share some of the highlights of the trip. And there are some!

So far, we’ve visited Nanaimo, Tribune Bay (Hornby Island), Campbell River, Anchorage Lagoon (Sonora Island – unsure of its “official” name, if it has one), Shoal Bay, Toba Inlet, Pendrell Sound, Refuge Cove, Squirrel Cove, Westview (Powell River), and currently at anchor in Garden Bay, Pender Harbour. It’s been a great trip, and I’ve seen and experienced a lot. You can see where the trip has taken us by checking out my Spot Adventure Page.

For this post, the first highlight I’d like to share was a few moments from the trip from Nanaimo to Tribune Bay on Hornby Island. After spending a couple of days in Nanaimo, watching the wind blow and following weather patterns, we saw a window of opportunity to move on. Leaving in the afternoon and cruising at slow speed put us into Tribune Bay after dark, but the prize for doing so was motoring into a beautiful sunset.

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