Summer Cruising – Bear on the Beach!

As we continue making our way home – currently at anchor at Tumbo / Cabbage Island – I’ll share another highlight from this year’s trip north. Since my last post, we enjoyed an uneventful crossing of the Strait of Georgia within a perfectly-timed window of light winds and spent a night in Mark Bay in Nanaimo. From there, continuing southbound, the next stop was Montague Harbor, and finally, today we’re anchored at Tumbo. I’m here with Briar Patch and Little Bear, and nobody is in any hurry to get home. You can see where we’ve been so far, by visiting my SPOT Adventures Page.

So, about the bear on the beach. On the northbound trip, we spent a night in a little anchorage in the Discovery Islands, called “Anchorage Lagoon” by some – not sure of, or if, it has an official name, but it’s located between Cameleon Harbor and Thurston Bay on Sonora Island. The narrow entrance is quite shallow and best entered at high water.

After an early morning departure from Campbell River, the fleet was resting after getting the hook down and everything settled. I had just woke from a nice little nap, and was sitting in the cockpit, shaking the post-nap cobwebs while surveying the area, thinking to myself that this was a place that one might see a bear. There, on the beach, was – a grizzly bear – munching away on berries and whatever else he was rooting for. I loudly whispered, “Bear on the beach!” to the others, and the cameras and binoculars came out.


We watched the bear make its way down the beach until it disappeared into the woods. A while later, we saw it emerge onto the beach at the head of the bay. Wanting to get a closer look, we hopped in a tender and idled in its direction. We kept our distance, but were able to get a good look and capture some great pictures.






This wasn’t the only wildlife encounter on this trip…

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