Old Boating Literature

The Pli-Cor Story – Description and explanation of the revolutionary construction method used by Tollycraft beginning in the late 1960’s.

1972 “Tollycraft Magazine” – Interesting old promotional literature.

1970 Tollycraft Yachts Brochure – Featuring the entire 1970 line, with accompanying price list.

1950’s Tollycraft Brochure – Featuring the complete line of Tollycraft “Cruise In Comfort” Boats.

1968 Lyman Boats Brochure – Lapstrake runabouts built for the Great Lakes.

1964 Tollycraft Brochure – Featuring the entire 1964 line.

1976 Tollycraft Corp Dealer Manual (excerpt) – Information about the Tollycraft Corporation, Construction Methods, and “Why Tollycrafts are Better.”

Yachting Eyes A Boat – Tollycraft 37′ Sport Fisher –  Article from January 1976 edition of Yachting Magazine featuring the venerable 37 Tollycraft.

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  1. john dodd says:

    hi have just aquired a 70s era 28 express .. any idea if tolly craft used the Pli-cor method thru 73 for these boats…also did they make the deck that way .. as I seem to have some soft spots in the deck where a PO had a window air cond . setting … man your boat looks nice .. hope I can restore mine to your level .. right now its a major fixer up but I have a number of boats fixed up under my belt so not scary ..
    John Dodd

  2. Jolly Mon says:

    Thanks! I was fortunate to find a boat in good shape, but I have put a lot of work in her in the nine years I have owned her.

    The decks are also cored, and they appear to be balsa cored. I’m not certain what year they stopped using Pli-Cor construction, but I think it was thru 73. An easy way to tell, if there isn’t a Pli-Cor badge on the boat is to look in the bilge vent openings. The Pli-Cor hulls are about two inches thick… Tolly built two lines of the same models. The Pli-Cor boats were the “Royal” line, and were supposedly a little fancier. The “Regent” line were solid fiberglass hulls.

    The good news about these old boats is they are tough, and they will come back if given a chance and lots of love.

    Good luck with your project, and check out the Tollycraft Boating Club at http://www.tollyclub.com !


  3. Pete (1985 Sun Deck 34 - "Le Chalet II") says:

    Hi Steve, what happened to your article you had here from the man himself J.M. Tollefson, explaining the way the boats were made and put together?

  4. Pete (1985 Sun Deck 34 - "Le Chalet II") says:

    Hi Steve, i take that back, found it. it is part of the 1972 Magazine!


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