Old Boating Literature

Tollycraft Yachts Brochures

1950’s Tollycraft Brochure – Featuring the complete line of Tollycraft “Cruise In Comfort Boats”.

1964 Tollycraft Brochure – Featuring the entire 1964 line.

1966 Tollycraft Brochure – Featuring the entire 1966 line.

1970 Tollycraft Yachts Brochure – Featuring the entire 1970 line, with accompanying price list.

1972 “Tollycraft Magazine” – Interesting old promotional literature.

1984 Tollycraft 61 Motor Yacht Brochure

1996 “60th Anniversary Tollycraft Magazine”

Tollycraft Yachts Specification Sheets

Tollycraft 34 TriCabin Dealer Spec Sheet

Tollycraft 43 Motor Yacht Dealer Spec Sheet

Tollycraft 45 Cockpit Motor Yacht Dealer Spec Sheet

Tollycraft Yachts Dealer Manuals and Construction Literature

The Pli-Cor Story – Description and explanation of the revolutionary construction method used by Tollycraft beginning in the late 1960’s.

1976 Tollycraft Corp Dealer Manual (excerpt) – Information about the Tollycraft Corporation, Construction Methods, and “Why Tollycrafts are Better.”

Media Featuring Tollycraft Yachts

Yachting Eyes A Boat – Tollycraft 37′ Sport Fisher –  Article from January 1976 edition of Yachting Magazine featuring the venerable 37 Tollycraft.

The Tollycraft 27′ Express Cruiser – Article from the October 1967 edition of Boating Magazine featuring the new 27 Express Cruiser.


Boating Literature From Other Manufacturers

1968 Lyman Boats Brochure – Lapstrake runabouts built for the Great Lakes.






7 Responses to Old Boating Literature

  1. john dodd says:

    hi have just aquired a 70s era 28 express .. any idea if tolly craft used the Pli-cor method thru 73 for these boats…also did they make the deck that way .. as I seem to have some soft spots in the deck where a PO had a window air cond . setting … man your boat looks nice .. hope I can restore mine to your level .. right now its a major fixer up but I have a number of boats fixed up under my belt so not scary ..
    John Dodd

  2. Jolly Mon says:

    Thanks! I was fortunate to find a boat in good shape, but I have put a lot of work in her in the nine years I have owned her.

    The decks are also cored, and they appear to be balsa cored. I’m not certain what year they stopped using Pli-Cor construction, but I think it was thru 73. An easy way to tell, if there isn’t a Pli-Cor badge on the boat is to look in the bilge vent openings. The Pli-Cor hulls are about two inches thick… Tolly built two lines of the same models. The Pli-Cor boats were the “Royal” line, and were supposedly a little fancier. The “Regent” line were solid fiberglass hulls.

    The good news about these old boats is they are tough, and they will come back if given a chance and lots of love.

    Good luck with your project, and check out the Tollycraft Boating Club at http://www.tollyclub.com !


  3. Pete (1985 Sun Deck 34 - "Le Chalet II") says:

    Hi Steve, what happened to your article you had here from the man himself J.M. Tollefson, explaining the way the boats were made and put together?

  4. Pete (1985 Sun Deck 34 - "Le Chalet II") says:

    Hi Steve, i take that back, found it. it is part of the 1972 Magazine!


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  7. EARL JONES says:

    I have some old tolly brochures you may be interested in – I have posted them on the tolly facebook page, and I think they would make a good addition to your collection

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