2017 Tollycraft Rendezvous

For the past several years – thirteen to be exact – late June has found me cruising to the annual Tollycraft Boating Club Rendezvous at Roche Harbor in the San Juan Islands.  Each year is an opportunity to catch up with old friends, while making new, and checking out a bunch of beautiful boats.  This year’s theme: “Destination Disney”!

I’ll let my friends with the club tell the story in my latest video, with a “Goofy” cast of characters – some goofier than others…

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Garrison Bay: A San Juan Island Favorite

Summer is well under way, and warm sunny weather has been the reward for enduring a long, cold, and damp winter and spring.  The first day of summer found me anchored in another one of my favorite spots in the San Juan Islands: Garrison Bay.

Aside from excellent anchorage, Garrison Bay offers a lot for a visiting boater, in a setting that holds a lot of history.  In my latest video, I visit this San Juan favorite!

More information on the English Camp National Historical Park.

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Stuart Island: Reid Harbor and Turn Point Light Station

The San Juan Islands offer many destinations that can be visited over and over, and somehow they never get old.  For me, Reid Harbor on Stuart Island is one.  I can spend a few days hanging out a few times a year and not grow tired of this familiar spot.

My latest cruising video was filmed on a trip to Reid Harbor last week, and take viewers along as I visit the Stuart Island School and the Turn Point Light Station.


I hope you enjoy this video, as well as my others, as I continue to learn more about creating videos while having a lot of fun in the process.  I welcome your feedback and invite you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to keep up on future content!

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Cruising in April: A Fine Old Boat and a New (to me) Anchorage

The Pacific Northwest weather might having thinking otherwise, but springtime is officially here.  Just over half way through, we’ve had our share of “April Showers” – along with March, February, and…  Bring on the May flowers!

With some free time and a forecast that looked okay, I pushed away from the dock for a few days for a much appreciated getaway.


For more information on the Motor Vessel David B, visit the Northwest Navigation Website and check out Christine Smith’s book, More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B.

For more information on the Kimball Preserve, visit the San Juan Preservation Trust

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I’m Going Somewhere! March Cruising in the San Juans

It has been a pretty lousy winter for boaters in the Pacific Northwest this time around – at least it has been for this boater.  The weather man says you can count the “nice” days we’ve had since October on one hand, and pretty much all of them I’ve been tied up with work or other obligations.

When my schedule coincided with a favorable weather forecast, I just had to seize the opportunity to get away from the dock for a few days and enjoy the offseason’s lack of crowds and a little sunshine for a change.

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