Summer Cruising: Wallace Island

For the fourth video in my Summer Cruising Series, I visit Wallace Island in the Canadian Gulf Islands.  This is another very popular destination in the Gulf Islands that offers much to see and do.  I blame the nice weather, but I was surprised at the number of boats that were there during my visit, as compared to September visits in the past.

I hope you enjoy this video, which offers a quick look at Wallace Island.  I’ve enjoyed creating these videos, and learn a bit more in the process with each one.

This video was shot with my DJI Osmo camera and DJI Phantom 3 Standard quadcopter.

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Summer Cruising: Canadian Tollycraft Rendezvous

As I continue my summer cruising series, my third video is from the annual Canadian Tollycruisers Rendezvous, held at Telegraph Harbour on Thetis Island, BC.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending this rendezvous for the past several years, and my summer just wouldn’t be complete without it.  The long weekend is full of fun events, and through the years has brought Tollycraft enthusiasts together with vessels ranging from seventeen to sixty-five feet.

I hope you enjoy this short video I put together as just glimpse into a great time with great people in a very special location.  Rendezvous are fun – if there’s one for your brand or design of boat, I encourage you to check it out!

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Summer Cruising: Octopus Islands

For the second video in my summer cruising series, we visit Octopus Islands Marine Provincial Park in British Columbia’s Discovery Islands.  Not necessarily an easy place to reach, requiring transit of at least one set of rapids coming or going, Octopus Islands offers a unique landscape and quiet, yet popular anchorages.

Check out the video below for a quick look at our visit to Octopus Islands!

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Summer Cruising: Pendrell Sound

I realize after preparing to flip another page on the calendar in not too many days, that I am behind in updating my cruising blog for this summer’s adventures.  As usual, summer passed like a flash, leaving behind great memories and experiences.

I am thrilled to have been able to enjoy several weeks cruising this summer in Desolation Sound, the Discovery Islands, and the Canadian Gulf Islands.  I’ve decided rather than bore you with my daily cruising log, I’ll share some of the highlights and use video to help tell the story.

If you’ve read my blog in the past months, you may recall I launched a YouTube Channel in the spring.  I’ve really enjoyed the process of shooting and editing the videos, and learn more and more with each and every one.

The first video in this summer’s cruising series is one I created from an August visit to Pendrell Sound in Desolation Sound.  It’s truly an amazing place, and probably my favorite anchorage in Desolation Sound.  There’s just something magical about swimming in warm water below towering snow-capped peaks.  Rather than go on and on, I’ll let the video take it from here:

Thanks for watching.  If you enjoy my videos, feel free to subscribe to my channel.  “Stay tuned” for the next installments in my summer cruising series!


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Operation: Orca-Dungie. Anacortes Gives Back.

Mary LaFleur of Anacortes has enjoyed boating in the Northwest since she was young and looks back at some great memories of time spent on the water with her friends and family.  But she understood that, it was because of the sacrifices of others she was able to enjoy her favorite pastime.

“It occurred to me,” she said, “while I was out there having a good time, someone somewhere on the other side of the world was standing guard.”  LaFleur was referring to the men and women serving in the armed forces, and she was looking for an opportunity to express her appreciation.

Beginning in April of this year, she began contacting friends and associates, and in the span of four months organized the inaugural “Operation: Orca-Dungie” on July 20-21 in Anacortes.

Over the two days, a group of military veterans from the Northwest traveled to Anacortes where they were treated to a whale watching tour aboard the Mystic Sea on the first day, where they saw Orcas, Humpbacks, and a very rare sighting of a fin whale – a whale not seen in Puget sound for over five decades.  Day two was spent crabbing and sightseeing aboard boats hosted by local boaters, and finished off with a huge crab feed.

“The Anacortes crab feed was one of the best experiences I’ve had as a vet!” one veteran said.  “The Anacortes community really went all out for us.”

LaFleur thanks the many supporters who donated their time and resources in to making the event happen.

To help out, or for more information, contact .

Check out a short video of “Operation: Orca-Dungie”


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