Cruising Desolation Sound: Episode 4

The fourth episode brings the exciting conclusion to my Cruising Desolation Sound series. In this episode, our little flotilla visits Tribune Bay at Hornby Island before turning toward home.

I really enjoyed shooting and creating this video series showing highlights from an absolutely wonderful trip.  The videos show only a glimpse into the good times with good friends.  I hope you enjoyed following along.


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2 Responses to Cruising Desolation Sound: Episode 4

  1. Lori Potts says:

    Don’t let it end Steve! Simply a fabulous series.

  2. Jill Thomson says:

    Thank you for producing and sharing these great videos of a beautiful place! My parents are Jim and Karen Thomson… I was with them at the 2010 rendezvous. We went to DS from Port Angeles with my grandparents, Coke and Zoel, in 1979-ish. In my top five of all time! Work has taken me to Ohio for now and I miss the PNW… Seeing photos from the homeland is awesome! Hope you keep posting! Take care.