Cruising Desolation Sound: Episode 1

I’ve just returned from a wonderful trip cruising to Desolation Sound.  We were blessed with great weather – although a little smoky at the beginning, due to the wildfires in the BC Interior.

My cameras captured parts of the journey, and I’m excited to present the first episode of the multi-part series.  “Stay tuned” for next video in the series to follow along with the fun!

I hope you enjoy this video and the others that will follow in the series, as I continue to learn more about shooting, editing, and storytelling through video.

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5 Responses to Cruising Desolation Sound: Episode 1

  1. Larry and Jan says:

    Thanks Steve. Love it.

  2. Paul & Theresa Coridor says:

    Hey Steve. Great video. Nice picture on your web page of Todd Inlet anchorage. Remember it well. Paul & Theresa

  3. Bill Weaver says:

    Great video, we were there the two weeks before you with our grandkids, lots of swimming, SUP, kayaking, etc. Your video makes me want to go back! We had a lot of wind on the strait but calm everywhere else. The smoke really settled in the last couple of days we were there. Thanks for posting. M/V Island Wanderer

  4. Jolly Mon says:

    Thanks for your comment, Bill! I’m ready to go back, too!

  5. ghostwave says:

    Wow, just crazy good Steve.