Tollycraft Rendezvous

Tuesday, June 21 – Sunday, June 26

Total distance: 60.1 nautical miles
Engine hours: 6

Absolutely beautiful run from Cap Sante to Reid Harbor- a great way to begin a trip. Met up with "Ghost" and "Teaghlach" anchored in the harbor for a great

Awoke in the morning to bright, sunny skies and calm winds. Ran the dinghy to shore for a couple reasons. First, I needed to walk to the store to get myself a new Stuart Island t-shirt. I usually get one each year. The other reason was to visit the beach and send off an old friend.

In May, I said goodbye to my sidekick for the past nearly 13 years- my black Lab, Jenny. The beach at Rid Harbor was a place we spent a lot of time, so I felt it a fitting spot for one of her resting places.. In a quiet "ceremony" I scattered some of her ashes next to a wet and slimy stick that I'm certain she would have dropped at my feet to throw for her to fetch, had she been there.
If you find yourself walking the beach at Reid Harbor, toss a stick for the old dog!

We pulled out of Reid Harbor just as the breeze picked up, and made the short trip to Roche Harbor. Timing was good, because shortly after getting settled into our slips, the wind built and things got pretty lively. Salty boats entered the marina, and friends came of their boats to help their fellow boaters to the dock. Tales of bumpy crossings were shared, and a few cocktails were shared

. 20110705-100824.jpg

I arrived a day early at Roche Harbor for the annual Tollycraft Rendezvous. As a past commodore of the Tollycraft Boating Club, with good friends on the current board, I wanted to be able to lend a hand getting things ready for the big event. As it turns out, the work was pretty much done, so the party was on. That evening, a gathering ensued aboard Jolly Mon. It was fun. There was a crowd on board. Apparently enough so the swim step was under water- evidenced by the eelgrass found on it in the morning.

I wasn't the only early bird, but the bulk of the boats arrived on Thursday. Smiling faces emerged from the well-loved vessels, shaking hands and exchanging stories about what's new since last time… This year's theme was "Redneck Yacht Club". Many of the boats were decorated, and long about happy hour, so were the people. For some of us, it seems to come quite naturally.





One of the events at the rendezvous that is a perennial favorite is the pet parade. Although most of the entries are of the canine variety, we've seen cats, crab, goldfish, and even giant parrots- oh and a green gorilla one year.. Jenny, the Silver-Tipped Labrador was featured in several pet parades, so I thought this would be another fitting resting place. She, along with Pandy (Crazy Mary's cat) the cat will be standing by for every pet parade- their ashes were sprinkled next to the dock.

The weather for the most part cooperated, and it was a fun, busy weekend full of nice old boats, good friends, great food, and a cocktail or two. The weekend always ends too quickly, and Sunday morning finds the dock full of tired, pouting people. Many are casting off for long journeys, while others, like me this year, are heading for home to return to the general population.

The run home was nice. Beautiful sunny weather and calm seas made for a nice end to a great weekend.





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