Making a deposit in the “Karma Bank”

While out running the engines to warm them up for their beginning of the season oil change, I came across two guys in a small boat that was dead in the water just off Cap Sante. Completing my good deed for the day, I towed them to the launch.

The setup I rigged for towing was to make a bridle out of two 15 or so foot dock lines. The eyes on the standing end of the lines were attached to the other boat’s bow line, while the bitter end of the lines were made fast to my aft cleats. This arrangement kept the towed boat centered behind me. I’ve been meaning to make up some sort of towing bridle- I guess I already have it!

I was prepared to turn the other boat loose if need be to prevent damage to my boat. Fortunately, the conditions made it easy to help these fellow boaters.

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