Cruising in April: A Fine Old Boat and a New (to me) Anchorage

The Pacific Northwest weather might having thinking otherwise, but springtime is officially here.  Just over half way through, we’ve had our share of “April Showers” – along with March, February, and…  Bring on the May flowers!

With some free time and a forecast that looked okay, I pushed away from the dock for a few days for a much appreciated getaway.


For more information on the Motor Vessel David B, visit the Northwest Navigation Website and check out Christine Smith’s book, More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B.

For more information on the Kimball Preserve, visit the San Juan Preservation Trust

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5 Responses to Cruising in April: A Fine Old Boat and a New (to me) Anchorage

  1. Al Jay says:

    I really enjoy your videos, look forward to the next one. keep up the great work!

  2. Jolly Mon says:

    Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback, and I’m glad you enjoy them!

  3. AJ says:

    Nice video work! Really showcases the beautiful area we get to live in. Cheers

  4. skagithamradio says:

    Hi Christine and Jeff

  5. Christine K Smith says:

    Thank you Steve for coming by the David B! It was really nice to see you and I love the video. Seeing the wildflowers in your video make me ready to get our season underway! We’ll be out and about next week, I hope to see you out there this summer!

    (Hi Richard!)