I guess this is technically a “boating” trip. Not on my boat, but one of the big green and white ones owned by the state.

This morning, I woke to the sounds of garbage cans, lawn furniture, and whatever else may have gotten free thrashing around outside the house from the strong winds that blew through the night and the previous few days. I decided – on a whim, as I often do, to get on the ferry to Friday Harbor to check out the wind-driven rough water.

Within minutes of initiating launch sequence, I was out the door and en route to the ferry terminal, where I boarded MV Yakima.


On the passenger deck, the voice over the PA warned, “It’s going to be a little bumpy”. Thats what I was hoping for. As the ferry left the dock and turned to cross Rosario Strait, the PA once again barked of caution, but regular ferry commuters sat unfazed, reading their book or playing their game. Others, like me, hurried forward for the show.

Once we crossed Rosario Strait and entered Thatcher Pass, the seas flattened, and the rest of the ride to Friday Harbor was pleasant, with blue sky beginning to show and the sun trying its best to make its appearance.


On arrival at Friday Harbor, I had some lunch and wandered around town and the marina a bit before driving to the south end of the island to the
American Camp and Cattle Point to go check out the rough water.





The lighthouse is looking pretty rough, with its foundation deteriorating.



A check of the time prompted me back behind the wheel for the drive back to Friday Harbor, where I was the last car to board the ferry home. The next sailing would be about four hours later…


When I got home, waiting on my doorstep was a box containing some of the pieces for an upcoming project… Happy birthday to me.


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