Third Day in Oslo

Visited the city again. Where we got off the bus was very close to the building that was bombed, so we were able to see and photograph it from a different perspective. Many people are out seeing the damage for themselves and paying tribute to the victims, with informal memorials all over the city with flowers, candles, and notes.

We made our way to Bygdøy, where we visited the Norsk Folkmuseum, which had an amazing collection of historical buildings. One was 12th century Stave church that was moved onto the site in the 1880's. Amazing.

The museum is a large complex, which shows what life in Norway was like through the years.

We visited the Kon-Tiki Museum, show casing "boats" and artifacts from Thor Heyerdahl's exhibitions to prove that primitive peoples could have crossed the pacific in boats they may have built. Heyerdahl was a brave man, maybe a little crazy too…

In the evening, we met Aud at The Dubliner , an Irish pub in downtown Oslo. We had a great time visiting and learning more about each other. There was a jam session in the back of the pub, which we enjoyed listening to, while sipping pints of Guiness. I was about to bust at the seams, until one of the musicians loaned me his guitar to play a tune. I can now say that I have pulled off Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" in an Irish pub.. The musicians were fantastic and very welcoming. I was particularly impressed with a young man and woman who sang amazing harmonies to wonderfully selected songs. At the end of the night, I was loaned a guitar again, and played a few more. What a great experience. Add another to the list.













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