The Boat Show, the Boat Show, Over Fifty Years Ago…

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For some reason, the annual Seattle Boat Show feels like a turning point of sorts.  Even though winter is far from over, and there is plenty of nasty weather on the way, I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I start planning projects and thinking about the season’s upcoming trips.

It’s not just now – I felt the same way when I was a kid, attending the Big Seattle Boat Show in the King Dome.  Our family, along with another family that we did a lot of boating with would go each year – for several years – and it was a pretty big deal.

My friend, Lisa, and I would each grab the first free bag we could get our hands on and begin our trek through all the vendors on the floor and levels of the dome.  There wasn’t a brochure, button, ink pen, free sample, or sticker that didn’t end up stuffed into our, by the end of the day, jam-packed bags.

I think I wore an “I’m a boat nut” button on my jacket through a good part of third grade.  Yes, I was that cool.

I’ll be there later this week.  I’ll grab the first free bag I can get my hands on, but I won’t pick up every

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2 Responses to The Boat Show, the Boat Show, Over Fifty Years Ago…

  1. Greg Monrad says:

    Not every freebie. .. but I am sure you will get most of them little brother, or at least buy this years cool new miracle “thing”. Wish I could be there to enjoy it with you – maybe next year…

  2. Cara Clark says:

    The Boat Show is the start of “boating season is almost here” time! We’re on the downhill road to warm, sunny weather