Summer Cruising: Pendrell Sound

I realize after preparing to flip another page on the calendar in not too many days, that I am behind in updating my cruising blog for this summer’s adventures.  As usual, summer passed like a flash, leaving behind great memories and experiences.

I am thrilled to have been able to enjoy several weeks cruising this summer in Desolation Sound, the Discovery Islands, and the Canadian Gulf Islands.  I’ve decided rather than bore you with my daily cruising log, I’ll share some of the highlights and use video to help tell the story.

If you’ve read my blog in the past months, you may recall I launched a YouTube Channel in the spring.  I’ve really enjoyed the process of shooting and editing the videos, and learn more and more with each and every one.

The first video in this summer’s cruising series is one I created from an August visit to Pendrell Sound in Desolation Sound.  It’s truly an amazing place, and probably my favorite anchorage in Desolation Sound.  There’s just something magical about swimming in warm water below towering snow-capped peaks.  Rather than go on and on, I’ll let the video take it from here:

Thanks for watching.  If you enjoy my videos, feel free to subscribe to my channel.  “Stay tuned” for the next installments in my summer cruising series!


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