Reid Harbor, Garrison Bay…

"Cruising has two pleasures. One is to go out in wider waters from a sheltered place. The other is to go into a sheltered place from wider waters."

– Howard Bloomfield


Sunday, July 25

Cap Sante to Reid Harbor

Distance: 28 nautical miles

Moorage: Anchored


Nice run to Reid Harbor, where I met up with Ghost to raft together.  It’s obvious that summer has arrived judging by the boat traffic.


It was a very pleasant evening, so Brett and I decided to take a dinghy cruise.  We ran out John’s Pass into Boundary Pass, where we encountered a pod of Orcas heading south.  It is quite thrilling to be close to orcas in a 9 foot boat!  Amazing experience.



Reid Harbor is usually one of my favorite spots.  That is, of course, early and late in the season.  The place was absolutely packed- the anchor lights after nightfall looked more like a cityscape than the quiet harbor I’m accustomed to…



Monday, July 26

ReidHarbor to Garrison Bay

Distance: 6.4 nautical miles

Moorage:  Anchored



Nice run to Garrison Bay via Mosquito Pass.  The bay is a picturesque and historic location, home to the English Camp from the “Pig War” of the 1860’s.


For a little exercise, Brett and I hiked to the top of Young Hill, which offers a commanding view of the western portion of the San Juans and into Canada.  Great view and great exercise- even the old Labrador made the hike!



Close by is Westcott Bay, home to the Westcott Bay Shellfish Farm.  Feasts of steamer clams and oysters were enjoyed on two evenings.




Roche Harbor is a quick dinghy ride away in a fast dinghy, making it a convenient destination for a shower, groceries, a burger, or ice cream cone- or all of the above.


I’ve sure enjoyed my new dinghy.  I’ve run more fuel through the outboard this season than I have in the past several combined with my old one!


Wednesday, July 28

GarrisonBay to Cap Sante – Returning home

Distance: 34.2 nautical miles


Gales blowing in the Strait of Juan de Fuca the night before had things rolling in Haro Strait, and I took a beating as I departed from Garrison Bay.  Originally, I had planned to run home via the outside of San Juan Island, but I soon changed my mind- a stiff breeze, swells, and a big tidal exchange were not a good combination for a smooth trip home.  I headed north and found Speiden Channel to be a washing machine, so I steered around the slop and ran for cover on the north side of Spieden Island.  After reaching Pole Pass, things calmed down and the rest of the run home was pleasant.


Trip Summary

68.6 nautical miles

7 engine hours 

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