Røros to Lillehammer

It rained in Røros. A lot. I did manage to get out for a while and explore town for a while during a dry spell, just in time for it to begin raining again. And it rained hard.






In nice weather, Røros, steeped in history, would be an interesting place to visit. On a rainy day like this one, it was a nice quiet place to just relax. I had a room at the Røros Fjellheimen Hostel / Hotel.

In the morning when I checked out, the woman at the desk advised that due to the heavy rain and some flooding, many of the trains in Norway were not running. I walked to the train station and was told that – no trains were running. However, much to my delight and knowing I wouldn't be stuck in Røros, I was told that busses were covering the train routes and I would be able to make my next destination of Lillehammer.


The trip by bus took a few hours longer, but it was an excellent opportunity to see the sights of rural Norway as the bus passed through small towns, picking up passengers waiting at small railroad stations. I am impressed at how Norway's rail system connects communities.



After a long day on two busses, I arrived at Lillehammer last evening, where I am staying at the Lillehammer Vandrerhjem Stasjonen. Although there is construction taking place, the room is very clean and comfortable, and close to the city center. The city was host to the 1994 winter Olympics, something they are obviously and rightfully very proud of.



Tomorrow, a long day of travel as I make my home. The past four weeks have gone by so quickly.

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One Response to Røros to Lillehammer

  1. Donna Coffey says:

    I feel as though I have been on this trip with you! Thank you for taking such wonderful pictures and using your very descriptive language to enhance. What a magical time you had! Thanks, Donna