Only Three Miles Away

I couldn’t even begin to guess how many times I’ve passed by on my way to other destinations, somehow reasoning that good anchorages can’t be so close to home.  The truth is, though, that an often overlooked little gem lies just a stones throw from Anacortes.

Saddlebag Island is a Washington State Marine Park, adjacent to the east end of the Guemes Channel near Anacortes.  With an open schedule and a decent weather forecast, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity for an overnight trip close by.

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7 Responses to Only Three Miles Away

  1. Harry Girgulis says:

    Steve been to saddlebag many times ,.your right its great! One thing you didn’t mention the best crabbing of all

  2. Steve price says:

    Good job getting out for a quick overnight ! No coffee Yikes… I am looking to put a diesel furnace in my boat, what brand did you buy? Any info would be appreciated :))

  3. Jolly Mon says:

    You’re right, Harry.. GREAT crabbing.

  4. Dave Hansen says:

    Seems more like only a half mile to me since I usually only go over there in the dinghy! Then again, I suppose your slip is at least a half mile further south… It does also remind me a lot of Blake Island – practically a remote wilderness right in the backyard of Seattle.

  5. Mike Seeley says:

    Steve, it’s great to see you out and using your boat. I have a hard time getting the little bride out this time of the year and it’s a time when I used to go all the time due to the lack of people. It’s like the San Juan’s cleanse themselves and rejuvenate for another year. I enjoy your outings, you do a great job and it almost feels like an outing just watching from my desk.
    Mike Seeley

  6. Jolly Mon says:

    I love my diesel furnace… Not only warms the boat up, but helps to keep it dry. I chose a Webasto 2000. I blogged about the installation:

  7. Jolly Mon says:

    Thanks Mike! I really appreciate your comment. Let’s get together out on the water some time!