Movember 10th – Let’s Go For a Walk

We are now nearly through the second week of MOVEMBER.  Even though the moustache growing is less than stellar at this point, my spirits remain high and plenty of positive energy is channeled to my upper lip.

As mentioned in my previous post, with accompanying video, this is my seventh year participating in Movember.  This year, with a new-found hobby of creating videos, I wanted to take the opportunity to use the platform to work toward the Movember Foundation’s mission of raising funds and awareness for the issues that affect men’s health.

So, today I take you along with me on a walk at Rosario Beach – a beautiful location not far from where I live.  It’s part of the Deception Pass State Park, and a great setting to talk about… Prostate Cancer.

Prostate Cancer is the second most common cancer in men, behind skin cancer.  It affects one in seven men and claims the lives of thirty-five men every hour, worldwide.  It’s successfully treatable, if detected early, but often men don’t experience symptoms in the early stages of the disease.  Often, early signs are found on routine physical examinations or through PSA blood tests.

What is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer occurs when some cells within the prostate gland reproduce more rapidly than normal, and a tumor forms.  The prostate is a glad located immediately below the bladder in men, with the purpose of producing a fluid that enriches and protects sperm.  If prostate cancer is left undetected, it will often spread to other areas of the body – most often bone and lymph nodes – in a process called metastasis.

Risk factors include age, family history, and race.  Older men are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Men with fathers and brothers with history of prostate cancer are twice as likely to be diagnosed.  Men of color have a higher prevalence of prostate cancer.

The Movember Foundation is working on global scale to reduce deaths from prostate cancer by funding research to improve detection and treatment, and to help men make informed decisions if the need arises.

Let’s go for a walk.

For more information, please check out the Movember Foundation, to learn more about prostate cancer and other issues that affect men’s health.  If you’d like, please consider making a donation to help support the work that the Movember Foundation does to change the face of men’s health.

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3 Responses to Movember 10th – Let’s Go For a Walk

  1. Al Jay says:

    I have enjoyed your posts for the last year. Keep up the entertaining stories.

  2. Jolly Mon says:


  3. Jan & Larry Schnetzky says:

    We always enjoy watching you. You are such a great spokesman.